Raju dual rims - friendly to nature

Raju is reliable

· Raju is equipped with a removable or fixed spacer rim, the width of which is selected according to use.

· The rims are manufactured as required by international standards.

· Raju’s measurement accuracy is excellent, an important feature when driving under heavy loads and high speeds.

· Thanks to the slide and the bracket, installation of the Raju twin wheel is easy.

· The bracket may be shifted along the slide precisely to the U-bracket. By applying this method, rotation of the heavy twin wheel is avoided.

· The Raju is dimensioned for exact fit on all rim types. Therefore, the Raju dual rim may be tightened against the rim of the tractor’s own wheel without straining the ties.


Raju rims - friendly to nature

The compaction of soil may be reduced and thus the crop-production capacity of soil may be improved. The patented Raju suits all tractors, combine harvesters and  trailers.

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Technical details


Raju ties

Raju Quick Lock
- nice to fit and relase
- heavy duty - fewer fasteners
- safe
Chain tie
- a durable fixture if maintained properly
- can be applied for sevaral purposes: apv / Raju
- traditional way of application
Telescopic tie
- quick installation using a compressed-air driven turn-screw
- easy-to-handle - solidly built
- protected structure prevents the thread from getting damaged