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Murska – Productivity in harmony with nature

Murska is the oldest and leading manufacturer of mills for grain crimping.


Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy

Murska – Productivity in harmony with nature

We specialise in machines for processing feed grains. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of mills suitable for moist grains.

We develop and manufacture technology that saves the environment, facilitates agricultural work and improves the profitability of farms. We aim to serve farms and contractors holistically, which is why we believe in long customer relationships.

The grain crimping method is developed in cooperation with domestic (VTT, MTT, TTS) and foreign research institutes.

Our main products are Murska roller and disc mills, spiral conveyors, feeding systems, feed mixers and Raju rims for tractors.


Our values

We emphasise the importance of promises, quality and reliability, green values and excellent customer service.


Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy as an employer

Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy (AKK) is a stable and significant local employer that relies to this day on feedback from employees and continuous product development. AKK also carries out continuous research cooperation with various parties in different countries.

Grain crimping was invented over 50 years ago

Grain crimping was invented in autumn 1969 in the farm of Aimo and Gunnar Korte in Ylivieska, Finland. Their grain dryer had broken, but the brothers were aware that high moisture grains could be ensiled, but it should have been crimped first. This method was made famous by a Finnish Nobel winning chemist Artturi Ilmari Virtanen a couple of decades earlier, but it was usually used for hay silage. There were no crimping machines available at that time, so they decided to construct one on their own. The first roller mill was made together with a neighbour farm. This is how the company Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy started.

Murska historia
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