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Murska roller mills

Murska roller mills help improve productivity on the farm.

Power and durability

Murska roller mills have earned a reputation for their power and durability. Murska roller mills are easy to use and maintain. Reliability has been proven around the world in all conditions and applications. Murska has over 50 years of experience in crimping.


100 t/h 200 kW

The Murska 4000 is a powerful and productive roller mill for large farms and contracting with a crimping capacity of up to 100 tonnes per hour.

Murska 2000 mylly

2000 NF

50 t/h 95 kW

The Murska 2000 NF is a new upgraded version of the traditional and popular Murska.

Murska 2000 -mylly


50 t/h 95 kW

The Murska 2000 S 2×2 features a unique roller cassette driven by four gears and has a crimping capacity of up to 50 tonnes per hour.

Murska 1000 mylly

1000 HD

30 t/h 30-65 kW

The Murska 1000 HD is the largest model in the HD range and meets the needs of most livestock farms.

Murska 700 HD mylly

700 HD

20 t/h 20-50 kW

The Murska 700 HD is a light and agile yet productive roller mill that is known for its durability.

Murska 350 S2 mylly

350 S2

10 t/h 15-30 kW

The Murska 350 S2 is the smallest roller mill in the range and attaches to the tractor’s three-point linkage.

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