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Unique W-Max crimping technology

Murska W-Max is a series of powerful disc mills designed to crimp both dry and moist grain.

Murska W-Max disc mills meet the needs of all farms and contractors, especially large pig farms and those who want finer crimping results. The largest model, the W-Max 40, can crimp up to 100 tonnes of maize per hour with very low energy consumption. W-Max disc mills can be used to crimp all feed grains, whether dry or harvest-moist, such as oats, barley, wheat, maize, peas, beans and mixed grains. W-Max disc mills are quiet and even fun to use. Large volumes of additives can be carried, and adjusting the crimping level is easy. The servicing points are also easily accessible.

The advanced Murska Data control system automatically controls the dosage of additives according to the amount of crimped grain. Murska Data also controls the integration of the crimper and the tractor, for example by optimising the maximum crimping capacity to the tractor’s PTO. Is there any easier way to preserve grain?

Murska W-Max 40 kiekkomylly

W-Max 40

100 t/h Min 240 kW

The Murska W-Max 40 is the first choice of farmers and contractors looking for ultimate power and the latest technology.

W-Max 20C.22

50 t/h 80-120 kW

The Murska W-Max 20C features a bogie chassis, making it easy to transport and popular among contractors in particular.

Murska W-Max 10 kiekkomylly

W-Max 10

20 t/h 60-80 kW

The Murska W-Max 10 is powerful for its size, making it the most popular disc mill in the range.

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