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Murska W-Max 40 kiekkomylly

Murska disc mills

Murska W-Max is a series of powerful disc mills designed to crimp both dry and moist grain. The largest model can crimp up to 100 tonnes of maize per hour.

Murska roller mills

Murska roller mills are designed for contractors and livestock farms. A wide range of models in different sizes is available.


Dumping hoppers

We supply dumping hoppers with multipurpose chassis that are designed for bagging grain, silo maize, wholegrain silage, brewery grain and chopped whole grain, for example, in plastic tubes.

Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors are a convenient way of transferring grains, flours and granular feed.

Filling auger

Filling augers

Filling augers transfer the grain directly to the mill, trailer, truck or silo, eliminating one extra work step. Filling augers help keep the grain clean and create less wear on grain spirals and rollers.

Murska 220 rehumylly

Murska 220 SM roller mill for dry feed grain

The Murska 220 SM roller mill is used to crimp dry grain to produce groat that is more suitable for livestock feed.

Raju vanteet ja paripyörät

Raju rims

Aimo Kortteen Konepaja Oy has manufactured dual rims for tractors since the 1970s. Raju rims are available with a wide range of fasteners.



Biopacker tube composters are a simple and quick way to transform manure into clean and nutrient-rich soul.


Crimp feeders

Crimp feeders provide intermediate storage for both crimped grain and dry grain, as well as acting as a filling device for feeders.

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