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Spiral conveyors

Spiral conveyors for 220 SM mill

The 220 SM roller mill is available with a spiral conveyor that provides a flexible and quiet way of transferring grains, flours and granular feed. The spiral components are easy to attach to each other to form the necessary pipeline. Curved sections can be used to avoid obstacles and direct the pipeline in the desired direction. The flexible steel spiral handles the materials gently.

Murska HD pipes are available with a dimension of 75 or 110 millimetres. The thickness of Murska HD pipes is 5.2 millimetres. The pipes have been designed especially for use with a spiral and have excellent abrasion resistance.

Several options are available for the speed of the spiral motor.

  • Interim discharge point, open model

  • Interim discharge point, with seal

  • Pipe coupling

  • Spiral for ø75/110 mm pipe

  • HD spiral pipe: bend 45°, ø75/110 mm pipe

  • HD spiral pipe: straight, ø75/110 mm pipe

  • Silo bottom hopper with fill adjustment

  • Silo bottom hopper with fill adjustment, round

  • Fill head for spiral, adjustable volume

  • Fill head for spiral, with bearings

  • Discharge head, with bearings

  • Discharge head motor

  • 1+2 discharge head motor

  • Flow-through discharge head

  • Control units and sensors

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