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Biopacker tube composters

Biopacker tube composter

Tube composting is an environmentally friendly way to transform livestock manure or separated solid matter from treatment plants into clean and nutrient-rich soil. Air exchange by twin ventilators and the heating effect of black plastic foil intensify composting in the tube. The mass is reduced by about one third and it becomes hygienic, homogenous and odourless.

Why compost in a tube? Tube composting does not require an insulated floor or drain basin, simply a level surface. Tube composting makes processing waste simple and quick. Tube composting is suitable for composting horse or chicken manure, for example, as well as biowaste.

The Murska Biopacker has a wide packing channel and heavy-duty packing worms, so stones, pieces of wood and other similar objects do not disturb the packing process.


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