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Elevator for bagger

Murska hydraulic chain elevators are intended for situations where an elevator is required in addition to the tube packing machine, for example when the grain is crimped in the field directly from the harvester to the trailer. Attaching the hydraulic chain elevator to the rear of the tube packing machine is easy, for example by using the front loader’s lifting forks without having to detach the tube packing machine. 

Hydraulic chain elevators are driven by a hydraulic motor and feature a hydraulic cylinder tilt. Attachment is by quick-hitch latches. Hydraulic chain elevators are not available on 1.5-metre tube packing machines.

Models that can be equipped with a hydraulic chain elevator:

Murska W-Max 10

(Murska W-Max 20)

(Murska 2000)

Murska 700 HD

Murska 1000 HD


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