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Murska 2000 NF

The Murska 2000 NF model combines several new features with those of our familiar and proven models.

The upgrades include a freewheel clutch on adjustable rollers, which saves energy and enables the natural frictional flattening of grain. The friction between the rollers is 0–20 percent, depending on the friction of the grain. The upgraded roller adjustment enables 0–1 mm of fine adjustment while driving. The simple course adjustment makes it easy to adjust the roller clearance according to the crops being crimped, such as legumes.

With the 2000 NF, it is easy to adjust the crimping capacity thanks to the steplessly adjustable hydraulic grain feeding unit. The feeding unit provides good visibility to the flow of grain and is easy to clean at the end of the day. The design also enables faster and more ergonomic maintenance, as the roller units can be pulled out on both sides for cleaning. The shields and hatches are also easy to use.

LED light strips around the crimper provide sufficient lighting for working in the dark. The crimping capacity is up to 50 tonnes per hour. The Murska 2000 NF can also be equipped with the Murska Data control system.


Product information

Technical specificationMurska 2000 NF
Capacity max50 t/h*
Power requirementMin 95 kW
Hopper volume / auxiliary tank1700 / 3400 l
Elevator unloading height4180 mm
Length5900-4700 mm
Width2573 / 2535 mm bogie
Weight3620/3170/4500(E)/4800(BC) kg
Loading height2900/3180 bogie mm
Crimping unit
Rollers4 pcs 1000 mm
Shield magnetsx
Protection against impuritiesx
Elevator extension1 m
Electromotor drive
Additive dispenserBogie model
Automatic lubricationx
Murska Data
Preservative dispenserx
Discharge conveyor optionsB/E/BC/FA
Transport alternativesS/Max
Pneumatic brakesx

Bagger = B, Elevator = E, Belt conveyor = BC, Foldable auger = FA, Multipurpose chassis = M, Max bogie trailer = Max, Standard transport chassis = S, 3-point linkage = NK, Transport chassis = K

*Capacity can be lower when crimping horse bean / pea grain mixtures.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes.

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