2000 - Murska

Murska 2000 roller mill

The versatile Murska 2000 series offers sufficient capacity for even the busiest farmers and contractors.

These models feature a unique roller cassette driven by four gears, achieving a crimping capacity of up to 50 tonnes per hour. The Murska 2000 S 2×2 model is available with a standard multipurpose chassis or Max bogie trailer that can carry up to 2800 litres of additive. Accessories include an elevator, folding screw conveyor, belt conveyor, tube packing machine and automatic lubrication system. The tractor power requirement is 130 horsepower.

Product information

Technical specifications
Capacity max50 t/h*
Power requirement95 kW
Hopper volume/auxiliary tank1700/3400 L 1300/3900 L bogie
Elevator unloading height4180/ 4486 bogie mm
Length bagger/elevator5900/4700 mm
Length bogie7370/7000 mm
Width2573/2535 bogie mm
Weight bagger/elevator3620/3170 kg
Weight bogie4500 (E)/4800 (BC) kg
Loading height / bogie2900/3180 mm
Crimping unit
Rollers4 pcs / 1000 mm
Shield magnetsx
Protection against impuritiesx
Elevator extension1 m
Electromotor drive
Additive dispenserx bogie
Automatic lubricationx
Murska Datax
Preservative dispenserx
Discharge conveyor optionsB/E/BC/FA
Transport optionsS/Max

Bagger = B, Elevator = E, Belt conveyor = BC, Foldable auger = FA, Multipurpose chassis = M, Max bogie trailer = Max, Standard transport chassis = S, 3-point linkage = NK, Transport chassis = K

*Capacity can be lower when crimping horse bean / pea grain mixtures.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes.

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