Tube packing machine - Murska

Tube packing machine

A Murska roller mill equipped with a tube packing machine can dispense the additive and pack the harvest-moist grain into an airtight plastic tube all in a single operation. The end product is ready-to-feed fodder that is suitable for all livestock. Tubes are available in a range of sizes. The mouth of the tube is small to prevent the fodder from spoiling while making it easy to remove small portions at a time. Tube packaging is especially advantageous on farms that buy in some of its grain feed. Often, grain is delivered irregularly, and there can be a break of several days in crimping. With tubing, crimping can be interrupted at any time without any additional work phases.

Murska models that can be equipped with a tube packing machine:

Murska W-Max 10

Murska W-Max 20

Murska W-Max 40

Murska 700 HD

Murska 1000 HD

Murska 2000

Murska 4000

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