Murska Crimp Feeder - Murska

Crimp Feeder

Murska crimp feeder

The automatic Murska Crimp Feeder provides intermediate storage for crimped grain and dry grain, as well as acting as a filling device for feeders. The Murska Crimp Feeder features a robust 6 m3 hopper, a twin-lane grain transfer from hopper to spiral, and a reliable elevator conveyor from hopper to feeder. 

The ready-to-use Murska Crimp Feeder can be used in conjunction with a feed cart on rails, a fixed feed mixer or a liquid feed distributor, for example. The device is powered by electricity, making it easy to begin using. Both the front and rear panels of the hopper can be opened.

  • Electric motors 2,2 kW and 1,5 kW
  • Hopper volume 6 m3
  • Base conveyor chain Evart 74


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