W-Max 10 - Murska

W-Max 10 disc mill

The Murska W-Max 10 is the most popular model in the range. The crimping capacity is up to 20 tonnes per hour of harvest-moist grain. The tractor power requirement is 90 horsepower. The mill can be equipped with a tube packing machine or a 3-4 metre discharge elevator.


Product information

Technical specification
Capacity max20 t/h *
Power requirement60–80 kW
Hopper volume/auxiliary tank380/3500 l
Elevator unloading height4100
Length bagger/elevator5800/5330 mm
Width bagger/elevator2445/2150 mm
Weight bagger/elevator2500/2400 kg
Unloading height2910 mm
Crimping unit
Discs19 pcs
Shield magnetsx
Protection against impuritiesx
Elevator extension1 m
Automatic lubrication systemx
Murska Datax
Preservative dispenserx
Discharge conveyor optionsB/E
Transport alternativesMulti purpose chassis

Bagger = B, Elevator = E, Belt conveyor = BC, Foldable auger = FA, Multipurpose chassis = M, Max bogie trailer = Max, Standard transport chassis = S, 3-point linkage = NK, Transport chassis = K

*Capacity can be lower when crimping horse bean / pea grain mixtures.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes.

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